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Leigh is a freelance personal trainer, fitness class instructor, yoga teacher and body transformation specialist based in top corporate gyms in the City of London. Alongside this, she was creator and cofounder of The Ultimate Shred, an online fitness platform designed to give people the opportunity to exercise in the comfort of their own home. Over the years she helped thousands of people with these programmes to not only lose weight,  but transform both mentally and physically. Leigh is now spending most of her time on her new membership that she has recently launched - Leigh Linton Live where she empowers women and gets them results by helping them become consistent, not extreme. It is her most exciting project to date. Check it out by clicking on her Membership page.



Although exercise and keeping active are extremely important, Leigh believes nutrition is even more so. She is a firm believer of what you put into your body is what you can expect to get out - if you eat rubbish, you will feel rubbish. It is her goal to help her clients and members choose the most nutrient dense products which is why she decided to brand her own range. This way Leigh can ensure people are getting the very best quality. Her number one selling product is Leigh Linton Matcha. If you haven’t tried it, you need to, it’s a complete game changer!




All your favourite products in one place!


Leigh teaches a host of classes ranging from Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, Dance, HIIT, LBT, Full body Conditioning and Step.

In person and online group sessions available.

Leigh will create a one-to-one fitness programme for you that will motivate and guide you to achieve your chosen goals. Whether you choose to lose weight, gain muscle or to achieve something else, Leigh will teach and help you to exercise with correct technique during workouts to obtain the results you desire.

In person and online training sessions available.

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Running bootcamps in Spain and the UK is an integral part of Leigh’s work. Check out her Bootcamp page for more information and to book your space!

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