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13 matcha questions -  answered!

Image by Vivek Kumar


What is Matcha?

High quality matcha should come from the green tea plant that is grown in Japan - mine is grown in Kyoto (a mountainous region meaning the soil is full of minerals and nutrients which the plant uses). This is very important. The plant is then grown in the shade so that the plant produces more chlorophyll (the stuff in plants that absorbs sunlight). This is extremely important too as chlorophyll is extremely good for us. The baby leaves of the plant are then picked and ground down into the powder - Matcha. This is all very important for you to know as so many companies try to make matcha cheaper by growing it in different places, grinding down the old leaves or stalks etc and they can make it cheaper, but if it’s not grown and looked after in the same way then it won’t have all of the amazing benefits. I’m so passionate about this as when Matcha is good then it really does makes huge differences and is so good for you. Unfortunately, the more matcha becomes popular the more rubbish versions there are of it

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