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Bundle of 3 Marine Collagen

Leigh Linton's Marine Collagen comes from the skin of wild-caught Alaskan Deep Sea Cod. It’s pure collagen with no other additives.

Being neutral in flavour it is perfect for adding to water, smoothies, tea, coffee and different recipes. It mixes with hot and cold liquids and can be taken at any time of day.


Marine Collagen is the most environmentally friendly type available as it is made from the parts of fish that are typically thrown away.


Marine Collagen (type 1 collagen) is also the most effective for improving skin elasticity and texture.


Other Health Benefits:

  • Supports skin hydration and prevents wrinkles
  • Promotes healthy bones and muscles
  • Reduces inflammation and helps with joint pain
  • Improves heart health
  • Helps with hair and nail growth
  • Stabalises blood sugar levels
  • Boosts metabolism and thyroid function
  • Aids with weight management

Bundle of 3 Marine Collagen

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